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Agenda for IgniteWarsaw 2.0 is live

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We are finally ready to reveal just who will be presenting at the upcoming IgniteWarsaw 2.0. We’ve thinkers, movers, entrepreneurs and lots and lots of geeks. Our topics range, again, from technology to society to psychology and we organized them roughly into three compartments.

If you waited this long to register, you will be sad to hear that we’re sold out since late last evening. In the end it will be 14 speakers against 150 attendees. With those numbers we’re expecting massive creative energy to splash across the room.

IgniteWarsaw 1.0 is history

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115 attendees on 80 chairs, tables and windowsills, 15 speakers, 300 slides projected on 20sq. meters of screen real-estate. All packed into the auditorium of Stocznia, made the 1.0 edition of IgniteWarsaw a tremendous success. We’re very happy on the organizers’ side about how it all played out, and judging by the feedback we’re getting via various channels, you liked it just as much. Continue reading

IgniteWarsaw is back on track!

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If you’ve been watching the IgniteWarsaw Facebook page then you already know that the event was revived and will be taking place on February 10, 2011. We’ll be posting major updates here on this blog, including the upcoming registration link and venue details. If you want to really stay in touch, make sure you sign up to the Facebook page or follow IgniteWarsaw on Twitter. Right now the news is that… Continue reading