IgniteWarsaw #2.0

September 5, 2011, 18:00

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IgniteWarsaw is a non-profit, community-organized endeavor and as such relies on your support to make ends meet. Thanks to people like you, other brilliant people can share their passions, dreams and inspirations during our event nights.

Why sponsor us?

Because it’s a good thing to do and because without your help we are not able to make Ignite happen again. We receive a lot of help in kind – IT support, graphical design, speaker coaching – while there are areas we have to pay for in cash.

We have a couple of benefits for you to consider:

  • exposure of your company/brand to a big group of people that are unique in kind. Our participants are active, well educated and informed, they are innovative, courageous and often self-employed specialists or entrepreneurs,
  • space for your company/brand on our materials (at the venue, on badges, web site, facebook, twitter),
  • priority in entering the event venue and choosing seats for your designated employees,
  • spots for your speakers, willing to present ingenious ideas (however please note, that direct pitches during presentations are not allowed),
  • opportunity to organize contests and offer prizes to participants, be that speakers or audience,
  • time between presentations to display your submitted video.

All in all, sponsoring an Ignite event is your opportunity to show commitment to innovation and innovators.

How to become a sponsor?

Please e-mail our finance guy Mateusz Nowak. He’ll be happy to answer all your questions and work on the details of cooperation.

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