IgniteWarsaw #2.0

September 5, 2011, 18:00

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Adam Mencwal

Adam is the leader of a hot, new startup working in the field of Augmented Reality. He will present the work of his team on a mobile solution for tourists that’ll enhance the experience of anyone visiting and sightseeing a new city.



Agnieszka Nazaruk

Aga loves technology and dynamic start up environment. Fascinated by how tech solutions can be used to help those the most disadventaged and be economically profitable, she will share some of the experiences from driving tech projects with social spin across continents.



Cezary Otowski

Founder of VoodoDance and full-time coordinator of the development of the Gadu Gadu instant messenger. Cezary will speak about the “Matrix” and how we already live inside it. Is that what everyone wants? Is it better then the real world? Answers from a person who sees both sides – the maker’s and user’s.


Igor Sawczuk

Igor, being a software architect and entrepreneur, will talk about the perspective of an information revolution dubbed Fastfood Software. It will create a world where consumers become the controllers of content and today’s regular users will be making their own software out of ready blocks.



Jakub Koźniewski

Graphic and interaction designer, initiator of the new media collective panGenerator, creating interactive objects and installations in galleries and at musical festivals. Together they designed a new, “spatial” instrument called Dodecaudion where music is generated with the performer using expressive gestures instead of pushing knobs and buttons.



Jarek Piotrowski

Jarek can’t decide whether he’s better off as an financial analyst or iPhone programmer. He does, however closely work with and observe people, who follow their dreams. Jarek will share his observations on what’s commonly stopping people and how often their obstacles are merely perceived and not real.



Krystian Paszkiewicz

Software engineer and entrepreneur, working on the next big thing that’ll make him rich and famous. He’ll tell us how to become superhuman – for fun an profit. What makes a person extraordinary and whether it’s even possible to gain such superpowers. Oh, and Krystian is Batman!



Krzysztof Wacławek



Michał Ślaski

Senior Software Consultant at Erlang Solutions and head of the company’s Kraków office. Works with a technology designed to process massive amounts of data, that today runs some of the largest web applications in existence. Michał will explain how the technology can be put to use to best use the power of today’s CPU and cruch the zettabytes of data being produced worldwide.



Michał ‘Rysiek’ Woźniak

A computer guy who happens to study philosophy. Heads the BRAMA Lab at the Warsaw University of Technology, an active advocate of Free Software. Michał will speak on the culture of sharing, connecting together stories of inventors, scholars, YouTube filmmakers and free software enthusiasts.



Milada Krajewska

A teacher extraordinaire, transferring knowledge from older to younger generations for 14 years now. She will share stories from her work and experience, times and events that have shaped her. In the end she’ll tell us why the word “teacher” should be removed from dictionaries altogether.



Piotr Tuszyński

Mobile software developer and aspiring entrepreneur, building iPhone and Androind applications alike. Living in Amsterdam since early 2011 he co-created Appsterdam, the world’s most advanced infrastructure for Appmakers. Now, as its ambassador, he is back in Poland to construct a similar structure.



Ralph Talmont

An entrepreneur, author and photographer but essentially a storyteller. Using photographs, words, film and other media, he has been telling stories of people, cultures and businesses for over twenty five years. He considers the art of conversation a fundamental building block to having a healthy society and tells us about how his involvement in TEDxWarsaw came about and has been adding to the level and quality of conversation in our town.



Zbigniew Braniecki

Mozilla hacktivist, senior community ninja with a drop of sociology flavor – as amorphous as it gets. Zbigniew will look at how business and politics, still the two driving forces of society, are now loosing ground to a new, soft, power – software. And how tomorrow’s software will come from amorphous forms of hybrid Web-like organizations that will continuously reinvent themselves at pace that will make lawmakers cry and the rest of us a little dizzy.


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