IgniteWarsaw #2.0

September 5, 2011, 18:00

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IgniteWarsaw 1.0 Speakers

Richard Berkeley

Chairman of Fundacja Nowa Orkiestra Kameralna

Whether in town or village centres, farmyards or parks, hundreds of historic houses are dying. When they disappear Poland will lose a vital part of its heritage. Richard is organizing an interactive web museum, with he help of a couple of schools, to preserve them digitally.


Karolina Chmiel

Designer at the Interactive Technologies Laboratory

Much of the learning kids do nowadays is achieved through educational games. Weirdly the only people who get feedback from these games are the players – children. Parents should know too, and Karolina is on a journey to help them collect information about how their offspring is doing.

Tomasz Kolinko

President of Toastmasters Speaking Elephants

Public appearances have always the cornerstones of world history. Tomasz will explore the best of them and walk us through some of the greatest speeches that changed lives.

Richard Lucas

Enterpreneur and Social Firestarter

Richard’s latest project went down the drain just a few weeks ago and he’s ready to share what went wrong. In other words, a presentation on the mistakes people make when running businesses and how to avoid them.


Jan Machowski

Jan will explore technological change and its origins. How does it impact human lives? How do we create new ideas and gain inspiration?

Małgosia Minta

Freelance Journalist

What colour is your laptop? Does your cell phone suit your dress? And whom would you invite to bed? Małgosia will argue that the design of gadgets is just as important as their performance.

Bartek Rycharski

CEO of Open Video Learning

There is innovation just around the corner that will make you want to go back to high school, as it will become too awesome to pass. And it’s happening now without any help of governments, big money or bloody revolutions.

Mikołaj Saczywko

Failure is a part of success, a part of life. So get used to it, embrace it and use it as good as possible. It doesn’t really matter how many times you fail, the question is what did you learn from that?

Martin Simka

Cryptography Specialist at Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych

We evaluate a lot of ideas every day – each with its own origin and conditions for growth. How do you taste an idea? Is it fine wine or vinegar? How do you analyze and idea to decide whether it’s worth pursing?

Paweł Szkudlarek

Lawyer, Specialist in Korean Culture and CFO of Hanpo

Paweł will explore the cultural differences between Asians and Westerners and how they shape the outcome of intercultural business meetings. His presentation will focus in particular on Korean culture, where he spent over a year living and studying.

Jure Sustersic

Developer Relations at Nokia

Penetration of smartphones among consumers has skyrocketed in recent years and cell phone usage went far beyond calls and SMS’s. Jure will explore the new mobile economy, it’s market, applications, platforms and stores.

Kuba Ujejski

Productivity Coach and Editor of Produktywnie.pl

Kuba will dive into the most common problems people have with their productive output. His solution is to introduce a Lever of Productivity, that will let anyone lift and carry much more work than is seemingly possible.

Bartłomiej Walczak

Researcher and Martial Artist

A general impression of personal combat skills in the Middle Ages is one of a brutish, unsophisticated clash of armoured opponents. There is much more to the real story, and Bartłomiej will paint a surprising picture of the martial arts in medieval times.

Norbert Wójtowicz

Software Engineer & Enterpreneur

People do not act as logical reasoning beings; psychology studies often debunk “common sense” knowledge with scientific rigor. How can we use these findings to help us brew more potent design spells to bewitch users, for good and evil?

Anna Zawadzka

Traveller & Adventurer

Anna spent one year travelling starting from Warsaw, across Asia, down to Australia and South America. She will share the experience of her trip – the organization and survival on the way.

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